The folklore dancing group Scaldis has been founded in 1972. Our main activity is folk dancing of course. But our society consists of several groups which all have connections with folk dancing.

Volksdansvereniging ScaldisFolklore dancing group Scaldis is dancing in Kaj Munk in Hansweert.  Hansweert is situated on the banks of the river Westerschelde in the municipal Reimerswaal. In Hansweert are the floodgates for the canal through the island of Zuid-Beveland. In the old days there was a lot of merchandising in this area, Hansweert was a very busy village. Nowadays it is a lot more quiet, but the sociability remained. And this sociability is an important factor of the dancing group.

The group performs in several different original costumes from the island of Walcheren and Zuid Beveland. There are costumes from the Catholic and Protestant religion. This group also practises on the Friday night. They perform about 15 times a year. During the performance , in original costume, we show several Dutch dances, a lot in series.  They perform on marketplaces, party's and elderly homes. But we travel a lot too, we performed in Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and Russia. We still have a warm contact with these groups. In 1998 we had an invitation from Iraq. The Zealander folklore dancers are known all over the world.Volksdansvereniging Scaldis

Our society has it's own orchestra, they also perform in original costume. Our orchestra is formed by: an Accordion, a Clarinet, a German flute, a saxophone, a Drum  and a Tambourine. With each performance there will be an Orchestra playing.

Folklore dancing group Scaldis is dancing in Kaj Munk in Hansweert. All the dancing groups can practice in this area and they can assembly here to go to performances. With the opening of the dancing season and with holidays like St. Nicolas we can have party's in this area.

If you are interested in Folklore dancing or our society, please let us know. We can always use new members, dancers or orchestra members. If you join our group, you do not need a costume, the society will loan it to you. Not having a costume does not need to stop you from dancing with us!

Folklore dancing, not just physical exercise but also a lot of fun!